Mini Cooper Nicosia was launched for the first time by BMW in January 2012 in India. It was the right car for the people who wanted to get something from the hatchback while at the same time getting the luxury found with Sedans. The car is funky and it looks different compared with many models that are in India.

Mini Cooper is sold only as a petrol variant. The car has a V engine and it delivers around 122 horse power on 6000 rpm while the torque is of 160NM. The displacement of the car is 1598cc.  This hatchback is not good for fuel efficiency since it provides a low mileage. It has a 6.4 kmpl mileage and this is too little. The car has variable valve timing and it enhances fuel economy for the car marginal amount. This car is able to start at 0 to reach 1000 kmph in 10.4 seconds. The maximum capacity of the car is the speed of 197 kmph. Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test.

Mini Cooper Limassol is a car that can be recognized easily. Its exterior is interesting and there is a vintage look for it. It looks funky and cute. The car features many bulges and curves and they can all been seen easily. It has a hexagon shaped grille and it has 3 chrome slats. The bumper is colored in the color of the car while the car handles and ORVM looks good. The car comes with round and clear fog lamps with black air dam.  The wings of the car are topped with the chequered graphics and they make such car to be interesting from its side. The rear fog lights have chrome tipped tail lamps and it looks good. The rear wiper is small and the overall look of the car is cute and this is a reason why many people choose to buy the car. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

The interior of Mini Copper Paphos is good. It has an entertainment system with a speedometer. Its dashboard look seems to be the one from the aircraft.  It has two colors which are contrasting and this gives the car an interesting look. The upholstery and seats of the Mini Cooper may be chosen by the customer since the company offers many options. The car can accommodate five people but this can be uncomfortable. The rear seats of the car are comfortable and the people who seats in the rear are able to get abundant space for their legs. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather while the upholstery is also in the leather. The best parameters of the car in the commercial video.

The car has other range of features. You are able to get the adjustable seats for the height, integration odor filter, automatic air conditioning, high end communication and hi-fi sound. The car has a radio system with a super high resolution display among others. lso brand Mini has other luxury and high-quality cars. For example model Mini Countryman.

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2015 Mini Cooper Review & Test Drive from Drivuz on Vimeo.