The Mazda 323 is an amazing small family car that has also been marketed as Mazda Familia and Mazda Portege. This car was firstly released in the year 1963 where it gained a lot of admiration of its amazing design and features. The production of Mazda 323 came to an end in the year 2003. This car belongs to a class of small family car, subcompact as well as compact under different models. This car comes along with some amazing looks and excellent features and specifications. The best parameters of the car in the commercial video. is not only used for the trading of brand new cars but second hand cars too. All the Cyprus used cars are provided on this website from which you can choose your favorite car to buy under various brands. If you are looking forward to buying second hand cars in Cyprus - this is the right platform for you. Many brands are available with us today. You can buy or sell all the models of used Mazda cars here on our website. We avail you different models of the series Mazda 323 at reasonable prices. The Mazda 323 is well equipped with amazing features and specifications. The 1997 model of the Mazda 323 is a Sedan which is perfect to drive anywhere in Nicosia, Akola and Alambara. This car has an engine size of 1.5 l that produces 70 hp. The automatic transmission enables you a smooth driving experience for sure. The model of the year 1998 is a hatchback and can be taken to the remotest of streets of Nicosia with a great ease due to its manual transmission. You can use this car on a regular basis and can indulge in all the day-to-day activities. The fuel type of petrol of this car gives greater fuel efficiency and the engine produces a performance of 93 hp. This car is surely very smooth on the roads. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

The Mazda 323 2000 is again a Sedan that is well equipped with the features like power steering, air conditioning, central locking, electric windows and mirrors in the interiors as well as alloy wheels, alarm system and xenon lights on it's very exterior. The transmission type of manual of the car gives a breathtaking performance on the roads of Limassol. The engine size of 1.6 l with a fuel type of petrol produces 100 hp. This car is amazing as to its performance and is accompanied by a number of safety features for the safety of the passengers. Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body. It also has a great list of advantages following the model Mazda 626.

Another amazing model of the year 2001 of Mazda 323 is comprised with some amazing interiors and exteriors. The features like power steering, air conditioning. Central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors, alloy wheels as well as cruise control keep up the level of comfort and convenience of the passengers. The Sedan has an amazing automatic transmission that gives out a safe driving experience. The makers have made this car available in a number of colors like red, white, silver, gray, black and blue. A number of safety features have been added along with telematics and entertainment features

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Mazda 323 Familia Fastback road test from 1990 from Drivuz on Vimeo.