An overlook about Lexus-GS

Lexus-GS named as Lexus GRAND SEDAN is a mid-size luxury car sold by Lexus. People around Cyprus have been acquitting a great interest in the luxury cars. Cyprus’s year-round good weather makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities, so you’ll never find things to do and places to go in your leisure time. Therefore, you can either buy or even rent a car if you want to go around and look various places. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

Targeting the elite or business class people GS hit the market with the very first launch in US, European markets. GS is a performance sedan competing in the mid luxury class. Lexus GS seats 5 and is powered by a 3.5 liter v6 engine. An eight speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive are standard and alloy wheel drive is also optional thus providing an overall experience.

Apart from v6 engine, its advanced variants comprises of v8 engines, sport tuned suspension making it a complete sports package which differentiates it from the other ES class. Ranked second among the midsize cars tells the whole story about the performance and attractive styling of the GS model. GS model is better than the ES class because of v8 engines unique styling and an adaptive sport tuned suspension. Interiors are something that mates a car even more attractive, Lexus-GS no way behind in this concern with attractive well-built interiors, handsome styling, front offering long distance comfort and rear seats are spacious. One of the distinct features is the GS's sporty handling, precise steering and comfortable ride. It has an 8speed automatic transmission. So, people possessing an interest in having a thrilling car experience can opt for this model. When it comes to fuel economy, it out pasts its rivals providing a decent fuel economy as compared to those of most six cylinder rivals. The adaptive sport tuned suspension makes handling even more impressive. It is available in different variants starting from 3.0L to 4.6L in 2012. More details in the video review.

GS versions are V6, V8; Hybrids are available in super stylish features dominating the mid-size car market globally in spite good market capture by Audi, BMW and other rivalries. Named as the most appealing mid-size luxury car and import car of the year in its initial years, this car hasn’t looked behind since then. The makers of Lexus GS have been excellent over years not comprising with the quality standards and bringing new ideas and most importantly making them possible to be equipped on the Grand Sedan.  Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test. The Lexus GS skills lay in comfort and built quality, rather than performance and driver involvement. Efficient, quiet and luxurious, the Lexus GS offers a refreshing alternative to a default choice diesel-power German executive engine. 

To look at it formally while other rivalries offer a diesel based hybrid car, Lexus GS provides promising performance based petrol based hybrid car. Its exclusive features of being quicker than its rival Porsche911, BMW545 , 30%more economical and emitting 80% lesser carbon dioxide along with no quality compromises and sporty features makes it a good option to be looked upon. As well as the sedan model Lexus GX.

So, want to stand out on the roads of Cyprus, we are here to help you. Come and book your GRAND SEDAN – used Lexus GS us today!! 

Lexus GS 250 video review from Drivuz on Vimeo.