Among the 5 classes of cars- the most impressive one is the sedan class and the most admired one in Cyprus also. A sedan class has a 3 box configuration- engine, passenger and cargo. Today rarely a person can imagine a luxury sedan with the brand name Lexus. Lexus-ES is a typical sedan class. ES stands for “executive sedan". And as the name says, its features also makes it’s outstand from the others. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

Lexus ES is a series of compact, then mid-size and later full size luxury sedans. The Lexus sedans are basically divided in 6 generations as per the advances in the technology over years. The idea behind Lexus ES was mainly to aim at the executive or corporate segment of the society which usually prefers a sedan or actually a luxury sedan. And the Japanese company has been so far more successful in fulfilling the demands of this segment over years with the launch of best luxury sedans in the market. Different models of Lexus sedan are ES250, ES300, ES330, TOYOTA WINDOM, and TOYOTA AVALON. The Lexus has been aimed at comfort luxury segment, quietness, and ride quality.

Cyprus has many natural parks, forests and coastal areas open to public which are perfect for outdoor sports activities such as walking, hiking, driving etc. The adoration, people of Cyprus have shown towards the owning of cars is quite intimidating. Those who don’t own a car, prefer to go around on drive by renting one and sedan is one of the most preferable cars. Safety features included airbag and antilock brakes, featured with normal and power modes. ES250 is a rare model on road today.

Second generation didn’t have any technological advances apart from 3.0 liter engine in spite of 2.5 and an increased in dimensions. Third generation sedans (xv20) had a 30% stiffer body, reflector headlights and a more up scaling feeling interior. It was a slightly longer and weighed less with preceded version. More information about this car in the video review.

Fourth and Fifth generation Lexus-ES were generally mid-sized cars with front wheel, front wheel drive 6 speed automatic transmission.Within a wide span of 12 years during this generation, engineers were at full go and were very keen to equip their automobiles with the best of the features. This approach made these Lexus-ES vehicles equipped with electronic throttle, brake force distribution, etc. making the Lexus-ES the bestselling car in the US. Sixth generation sedans were full -size car front wheel drive. Its top model is a hybrid ES 300h closely related to Avalon.

ES has a comfortable, nicely built interior along with a strong v6 engine. Though having a smooth and quiet ride, its steering is considered as lifeless. ES is marked as fairly good from the safety point of view with airbag system, 4 wheel abs, child safety locks etc. Having a 6 speed automatic transmission but little sloppy on the other side. As far as interiors are concerned Lexus haven’t compromised with it and ES has a luxurious cabin and excellent built quality. Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body.

All brands are emphasizing on performance while these features somewhere lacks in Lexus sedans as they didn’t equipped their sedans with reflexes of sports sedans. There are 3 operating modes- Normal, Sport, and Eco. From the exterior and interior point of view ES have straightforward equipment’s, elegant decor and relaxed seats. Though it was a surprise that this didn’t include adaptive cruise control but it adds up to a very pleasant mid-size luxury sedan whose interior is well conceived and furnished to make its operator as happy as possible while driving. 

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2013 Lexus ES 350 - Test Drive & Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.