Jeep Cherokee is a mid-size vehicle that is a crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Jeep of American Automobiles. Jeep is a well-known worldwide brand founded in 1941 by the American Automobiles division of Chrysler industry headquartered in the United States. The Chrysler group now known as the FCA US LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The Cherokee models run a long line of history from 1974 to present and is quite a famous brand name world-wide. The Cherokee has a body style of 4-door and a layout of transverse front-engine and either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The transmission come in 6-speed manual and 9-speed automatic. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

Jeep Cherokee is a top choice for its great off-road ability that makes it the ideal vehicle for off-road travel. It's suspensions and design makes it withstand rough roads and cliff paths. It can take the challenge of a winding road and move against extreme weather conditions. Jeeps have many types like Cherokee, Commander, Compass and Patriot. All these you can see at for you to choose from many different vehicle models. The Cherokee can be equipped with three different four-wheel drive techniques. The Cherokee is available in four models for your preference Sport, Latitude, Trailhawk and Limited. All these are great choices if you are searching for a Jeep with 2.0-litre powerful diesel engine or a 3.2-litre gasoline engine. More information about this car in the video review.

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2014 Jeep Cherokee review from Drivuz on Vimeo.