The Jaguar XJ-Series is a series of full-size luxury cars that has been manufactured and sold by the British giant, Jaguar. The XJ-Series is one of the oldest productions of the company which was firstly introduced in the year 1968. All the models of the XJ-Series have been featured one after another in various high profile events. No doubt, this car adorns some gorgeous and beautiful looks. The XJ belongs to a class of full-size luxury car and gives an FR layout. The car is very amazing in performance as well. One of the oldest models of the company, the Jaguar XJ is still sold with same popularity among the masses. Presentation of the car in the commercial video. Also will be interesting car model Jaguar XK-Series.

Jaguar XJ-Series has been termed as a status symbol among all the cars in EU Cyprus. Our website would certainly help you to buy the best model of this series. We serve you as one big platform where you can connect with us and buy a number of cars. Using this website, you can buy Jaguar in Cyprus at fine prices. All the models, brand new or second hand, of Jaguar including the XJ-Series is entertained by our website for both sale as well as purchase. Using this website, you can now buy a second hand XJ-Series as well. The makers have availed all the models of this car in some really attractive colors like red, green, gold, blue, silver, gray and white. Thus, you can choose the best color for your Jaguar XJ and set yourself for a wonderful journey for sure. All parameters of the car described in the video review.

Here are all the important features and specifications of the Jaguar XJ-Series. 


The synonym to luxury-cars is nothing but Sedan. Thus, all the models of the Jaguar XJ-Series, from very old model of the year 2001 to the newest model of the year 2014 are full-fledged Sedan. The car adorns royalty and classiness for sure. The model of the year 2014 would definitely become the centre of attraction among all when driven on the roads of Nicosia, Akaki, Alona, Alambara or Famagusta during a party or a gathering. 

Interiors and Exteriors:

The interiors and exteriors of all the models of the XJ-Series are remarkable. The 2001 model of the car is equipped with power steering, leather seats, electric windows and mirrors, alloy wheels, xenon lights, etc. Similar features are found in the models of the year 2002, 2009 and 2014 as to the interiors and exteriors of the car. The makers have also provided many convenient and comfort features that include adjustable paddles, front cupholders, audio and cruise control on steering wheel, climate control, rear and cargo floor mats, etc. 

Fuel type:

All the models of the XJ-Series run on petrol fuel that gives out a greater fuel efficiency when driven all over the roads of Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta. The only exception is marked by the model of the year 2014 which consumes diesel and gives a breath-taking performance. All tests in the vehicle crash test.

Transmission- type: 

The belief of the makers while creating and manufacturing the Jaguar XJ-Series was simple - Automatic transmission is the best transmission. The makers therefore have lived up to this belief and have given an automatic transmission type to all the models of the used Jaguar XJ-Series that guarantee a controlled driving experience. 

2010 Jaguar XJ review from Drivuz on Vimeo.