The Isuzu Rodeo and how suited it is for Nicosia and Cyprus in general.

Among all the car models Isuzu has made over the years, one remains to be among the most successful in terms of sales as well as overall preference amongst drivers’ world over. This is the Isuzu Rodeo. First released in 1990, annual sales since 1994 have averaged 60,000 units annually. Honda has also renamed some units as Passports selling 20,000 units since 1995. With so many drivers preferring it as the car of choice, it must be because of some very good reasons. Most of them you will find in line with what any driver in Cyprus would need.

As a starting point, this Sports Utility Vehicle, maintains the Isuzu reputation in terms of engine performance, while being fuel efficient. The overall quality of the car is also top notch. As well it comes with all the benefits of an SUV including extra towing capacity. With this also is the presumed safety of being in a taller, more heavily built car. There will also be room for more passengers seeing that it some even have the option of being a 7-Seater. For a family person, this can be the ultimate family car. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

If you are in the market for a new car, an Isuzu Rodeo and you are anywhere within Cyprus, you have found the place. We have for you an assortment of not only the Rodeo or other Isuzu cars, but many other vehicles from different manufactures to compare and choose from. The Rodeo is however a very one of the cars better suited for Cyprus. We can provide you with one at a very affordable price. Also from the crossovers will be interesting car Isuzu Trooper.

In terms of the suitability with our nation's’ drivers, the Rodeo trumps other SUVs in a few critical areas. The most recent model’s engine is a 24-valve, 3.2-liter V-6 engine with 205 horsepower. As for the transmission, you can choose either the Automatic 4 speed system or the 5 speed manual one. Worth noting also is that there are both the diesel and petrol engine versions of the car. More details in the video review.

You should make this car your preferred means of travel for you and your family. Be it that you are residing in Nicosia. Moving around will be a lot less stressful when behind the wheels of a Rodeo. As well for other drivers living in Paphos, Protaras, Limassol and all of our other towns big and small. This is the car for all of you. For a family man, the extra room and sitting capacity is a bonus. The strength of the car body look in the crash test.

With this model of the Isuzu as well as many other vehicles within our platform, we are indeed the biggest source of used cars within Cyprus. As such, in your search you should look no further as here is where all your needs in a car will be met. We promise you the best and latest models at the best prices too. Looking to sell? You can also do that here as with the largest car pull we do attract a lot of buyers. 

For all this benefits the Rodeo will offer, you should not miss out on any. Thus, get yours today. 

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2003 Isuzu Rodeo Review & Intro: Meet The New ineptechs Project Truck from Drivuz on Vimeo.