Here’s to buying your first Ferrari in Paphos!  

Owning a Ferrari is a dream that many harbor- but cannot fully realize it that easily. If you are living in Cyprus or anywhere near Nicosia, Paphos or neighboring areas, than you’ll know why having a Ferrari F360 can be the ultimate dream come true for you. But what really makes the Ferrari 360 the dream car of so many people in Larnaka, Protaras and all other areas around Cyprus? Let’s have a look at it to find that out.

The F360 is a two-seater sports car which Ferrari built, available from the year 1999 to 2005. It is a mid-engine car along with rear wheel drive and a V8 powered coupe. However- that is not all there is to the Ferrari. It comes with a 3.6 L Tipo F131 V8 engine, and the transmission choices that you get in this car include a 6 speed manual transmission and a 6 speed F1 electrohydraulic manual transmission, which is something that you won’t easily find in cars around Cyprus. More details in the video review.While finding a Ferrari may not be a hard task to do in Cyprus, finding a used Ferrari that delivers to you your money’s real worth along with a car that is unmatched in its maintenance, you will need to go to the best cars dealer in the Cyprus and nearby regions. 

One of the best models that you will find in Limassol and nearby areas will be the Ferrari F360 Modena. One of the biggest advantages that lies in buying used cars in Cyprus from a reputed dealer is the fact that it will come fully serviced with an updated service history. Along with that, your F360 will come with a brand-new paint job together with carbon fiber on its parts, power windows, Ac and CD player and changer. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

Many people think that finding a used car Ferrari in Cyprus and Protaras can be quite the task- and may require more money than what it is actually worth. However, we, as the most trusted dealers, can assure you that you will only get your money’s worth and will never have to pay more than what the real cost of that is. 

You may have many questions in your mind about buying a used car for sale- its condition, what its maintenance record was, how long will it go on and many more. With Cyprus’s trusted dealer network, you get the right answers to all these questions and many more. The Ferrari comes in the Petrol variant only with a 95L tank, which means that you will not have fuel related issues in Cyprus roads and nearby areas. You can get both the Modena and Spider variants of the F360 in Cyprus, which makes your dream of owning a Ferrari not only much more affordable but also within your reach! Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body. It also has a great list of advantages following the model Ferrari F430.

So what are you waiting for- here is your chance to cruise on the streets of Cyprus in your own Ferrari- go grab it now. 

For the best used Ferrari F360, visit us today!

Ferrari 360 Modena First drive REVIEW from Drivuz on Vimeo.