The BMW Company has over the decades cut a niche for itself as one of the premier manufacturers of luxury vehicles. Alongside this, they have also built a reputation for being master designers and engineers when it comes to producing cars that meet all their client’s needs. This has seen them produce some of the best cars to ever grace Cyprian roads in recent times. One of these is the BMW Z3. The best parameters of the car in the commercial video.

The process of buying a second hand car can be quite demanding given that there are a lot of considerations that one has to make. This is because you have to go for a vehicle that is not only of a high standard but that also meets your individual tastes and preferences. That is why as one of the major car retailers in Cyprus; we provide adequate information pertaining to all kinds of models. This includes that for the BMW Z3 which is one of the best cars for sale in Cyprus.

To begin with, this car comes with a convertible body. That means that it is one of those vehicles that you can have the pleasure of driving through Larnaka or any other city with the wind blowing over your face. You can also get to enjoy warm sunshine on the summer days. Furthermore, you will be able to cover it in case of bad weather thus maintaining a high level of comfort. In addition to this, the car is also available in coupe make for those who prefer such a vehicle. All parameters of the car described in the video review.

One of the selling points for this classic car is its engine. The car is fitted with one of the most powerful engines of its generation: a 3.0 liter petrol engine with the capability of producing up to 225HP and a torque of 214 pound-feet. The transmission system is also at the top of the game. It comprises of a five- speed automatic transmission that can be substituted with a manual one if the driver so wishes. This makes cruising around cities such as Paphos a pleasure as you can be able to vary this feature as desired. Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body.

In keeping with its reputation of luxury, the Z3 has some enviable interior features. These are all aimed at providing the passengers with the highest level of comfort. One of these is the heated seats. This means that however biting the cold is outside; you will be able to enjoy the comfort that comes with a warm vehicle. It also comprises of an entertainment unit with a CD player that ensures the passengers are thoroughly thrilled during their journey. The model BMW Z4 will also be interesting to the explore.

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2001 BMW Z3 3.0i Coupe Drive & Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.