BMW X6 is the car capable of blending the performance, luxury and handling. It blends the practicality of the crossover with the sleek styling from a coupe. The second generation of the X6 is the new model which features a cohesive and exterior design with the overhauled mechanical. The new X6 is based on the original car but it is sleeker and it has a refined finish. Even if it is far from the conservative look, a new look is purposefully sculpted and coherent. The X6 has the roof line that starts arching towards the downward after a B-pillar and it continues to plunge to the rising waistline of the car. This means that the second-row headroom together with the rear cargo volume can be compromised. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

The BMW X6 Nicosia had been produced with two-wheel drive and it has six-cylinder configuration. The X6 sDrive35i has the old twin-turbocharged, with three liter inline six engine which is sold with all-wheel drive on the XDrive35i model. However, the power is going only for the rear wheels. The twin turbocharged for the 6 liter is capable of 300 horsepower which is sold at 5,800rpm with 300 lb-ft of the torque from the 1,200 up to 5,000 rpm. It provides the response to the power curve of the engine. The two configurations are capable of achieving from 0-60 within six seconds. Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test.

For the V8, all-wheel drive is the standard. The twin-turbocharged of 4.4 liter is able to follow the peak output of the 445hp from 5,500 up to 6,000 rpm. It is able to achieve torque of 480lb-ft starting from 2,000 to the 4,500 rpm. The BMW is claiming that it can motivate the X6 xDrive 50i up to 60mph in only 4.8 seconds faster compared to different dedicated sports coupe. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

Before, the BMW X6 Limassol, the M-sports performance package is capable of bringing the power bump at the two engines but the dynamic suspension and the exterior upgrades is the same. 

The M sport line adds the lightweight and double spoke 19’’ wheels with the M-branded steering wheel with the shadow line, anthracite headline and aero kit.  It has a dynamic damper control together with the rear axle air suspension which is capable of including the three way adjustable suspension which enhances each dynamic response with the driving response to reach up to the taste of the owner.  The x-line is for the buyers who want to get access to the exterior treatment. The cars have aluminum running boards with the Y-spoked wheels. The cars have many equipment or options which include speakers, rear washer, rear lift gate, heated side mirrors with alloy wheel. Others are heated rear seats, heated steering wheels and retractable headlights. You can compare the car's parameters to compare with the model BMW Z3 and choose for themselves an interesting option.

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NEW 2015 BMW X6 Full Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.