BMW i8 Limassol is a swan-wing door, a shark-nose griller with a super stance. Its i8 plug-in hybrid had become a revolutionary car. It is capable of driving four people. It uses a turbocharged engine with three-cylinder that works together with two electric motors which have been combined to reach to 357hp. An i8 is capable to reach to the 60mph faster compared to the M3. It reaches a top speed of 155mph; however the fuel is around 30mpg. The handling is normally agile and it can steer sharp while the brake are the best that any person can have. The presentation of the car in the commercial video.

The Life Drive platform of BMW is used in the BMW i8 Paphos. It is the combination of the passenger cells together with the doors which were made in the resin injected carbon fiber reinforced or CFRP with the rear and front sub frames together with crash structure in aluminum in order to create the super lightweight body. A tub made in the CFRP is lighter of 50 percent compared to the one made in the steel while 30 per cent lighter compared to when it may have been made in the aluminum. The weight of the car comes from its lithium ion battery pack, electric motor and combustion engine. The power of the car is gotten from the version of 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol triple which you may easily find in a Mini Cooper. 

BMW i8 Larnaka has special internals with new induction technology is capable of conjuring up to 228bhp with the 236lb fit from a modest swept volume. An engine is capable of driving the rear wheels by the use of the automatic transmission of six-speed and it has a higher output for the starter generator electric motor that shuffles the power back to be a 7.1kWh battery made in the lithium ion within the cabin floor. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

A synchronous electric motor is capable of 129bhp with a 184lb-ft and it drives a front wheel. Inside of the car, there is high-grade materials which have been presented in the futuristic and interesting fashion. They are made in Blue which is eco color of BMW. The controls and the driving positions are found in the place where everyone is expecting to find them. You may sit low or long with the wheel extending towards you and you are going to be backed up with the classy paddles. The strength of the car body look in the crash test. Compare the car's parameters to compare with the M-series and choose for themselves an interesting option. The standard equipments are comprehensive and they do include the climate controls, cruise controls with the braking function or DAB radio, USB connectivity with the Bluetooth displays. 

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BMW i8 review from Drivuz on Vimeo.