BMW i3 is an electric car and it is expected to help you change your thinking on driving. The car uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic which is lightweight but at the same time stronger for its foundation. The car is innovative with the best technology and the renewable materials it is using. The model has unique construction which makes it different from other types of cars that are found on the market. It has innovative interior with aerodynamic exterior. This electric car was not designed to perform only but to perform in a smart way. 

BMW i3 is among the BMW that run faster in their off the line model. It has a responsive acceleration and it has torque of 184lb-ft which helps the user to have a fun ride. The interior of the BMW i3 had created the new definition of the luxury and it is characterized by the luxury while it uses natural resources. Over 25 percent of the car uses the renewable or recycled materials. A car is capable of carrying around four passengers which are able to enjoy spaciousness in addition of a trunk of 36.9 cubic feet but when the rear seats are folded. The best parameters of the car in the commercial video.

The dashboard uses Eucalyptus wood which is sustainable and it breathes. Its color gets rich as the time passes. The dashboard is available in the Tera World or Giga World. Found in the Tera World and Giga World, this is a natural process which is derived in the olive leaf extracts and it tans the leather while it protects against wear and fading. If you want to know more about this car look video review.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic uses the unprecedented materials within the framework of the BMW i3 and this is why the car is the lightest you can find on the market and it sets new standard for the safety and constructions. This is the secret behind the efficiency and the performance of this car. The use of the CFRP helps to have an airy and spacious design. Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test.

A navigation system of a BMW i3 is going to adapt on how you drive. It also gives the topographical information and traffic conditions with the state of the battery while advising the best route to reach to the destination you want. When you need it, it is going to show you the public charging station which is the nearest. Using the BMW iRemote, you are able to sync the BMW i3 with your smart phone. The accelerator pedal includes the brake energy regeneration technology. The car may be recharged by the use of the Level 2 Charging station in 3.5 hours. BMW i3 has Range Extender and it can double electric driving range while driving in the place where the charging station are not available. The car has also two cylinder engine which is gas powered. The electricity is going to be generated to maintain the level of lithium-ion battery when it has reached down to 5 percent level. The car can be driven on electric mode alone.  It also has a great list of advantages following the model BMW i8.

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2015 BMW i3 review from Drivuz on Vimeo.