BMW Alpina is a result of the relation between a boutique tuner called Alpina with BMW.  Alpina had been created for the first time under Burkard  Bovensiepen and it got a reputation at once for being a race car and because of the tuning prowess it had. Now, Alpina has a full warranty form the BMW and their cordial ties are still intact.  The latest car developed is a 2015 Alpina B6 XDrive Gran coupe. 

The Alpina models are known to be luxury oriented and elegant. The difference between the BMW model and the Alpina model is apparent even if these cars may be sharing architecture with basic engines. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

The 2015 BMW Alpina B6 xDrive Gran Coupe uses 540-hp variation for a V-8 and 4.4 liter and it has the maximum of 540lb-ft for its torque. Its twist is fund on the four wheels by the use of an automatic torque converter of eight-speed. The car is a low slung sedan that can reach up to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. The speed is 198mph. With the typical Alpina cars, their progress is not affected when a governor is used. More information about this car in the video review.

The outside of the Alpina B6, it looks like the Gran coupe of 6-series, however, Alpina is fitted with the 20 spokes of 20 inch aluminum wheels. It is said that a trademark Alpina stickers is going to lend the 1970s flair or such modern super car. The car is going to have a more polished demeanor and it is more classic compared to the B6. It has also unique carbon fiber roof, wheels and bumpers that differentiate it from the B6. The Alpina cars do not pose the risk found with tuner cars since they are being built using the BMW production lines which were distributed by the BMW and they have full warranty and they are serviced by BMW. 

The BMW Alpina that are made by the Alpina emphasize more on the automatic transmissions, higher torque and luxury.  They have automatic transmission and they do not use semi automatic and manual transmission. The example may be the Alpina B5 which is the same as the BMW M5, even if they have the same horsepower; the 4.4 L V8 of Alpina car has more torque with a lower rpm. Another distinctive feature is the Alpina Blue which is a 20 spoke alloy wheels with a patented metallic paint with the expensive materials used inside to make exclusive interior equipment. Also brand Nissan has other luxury and high-quality cars. For example model BMW i3. All tests in the vehicle crash test.

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2013 BMW Alpina B7: Luxury Sedan Gone Hotrod? - Ignition Episode 42 from Drivuz on Vimeo.