BMW 8 Series is car built by BMW since 1989 until 1999 and it is a Grand Tourer which was built with a V12 or V8 engine. It was believed to be the successor of 6 series even if it was a new car aimed at a new market. It was sold at a high price with improve performance compared to the 6 series.  It was a flagship car for BMW and it has the top speed limited on 155mph or 250mph electronically. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

The design for the BMW 8 Series started in the year 1984 while final design phase together with the production started in 1986. An 8 series had been designed in the way that it may move over the market of the 6 series. The 8 Series super car used the V-12 engine which was mated with a manual gearbox of 6-speed. It was also a car that had for the first time drive by wire throttle that worked electronically. It was the first car that has Z1, that used a multi-link rear axle. More information about this car in the video review.

The 840Ci had two engine packages. One is a M60B40 of 4 liter engine of 286PS. It was produced from 1993 until 1995. From 1995, the engine was a M62B44 of 4.4 liter that was capable of improved torque with improved fuel economy but the power output did not change.  

The 840Ci had a 5 speed automatic but there are some cars which were given an option of a manual transmission of 6-speed. 

850i was launched for the first time in the year 1990 and it had an engine of M70B50 V12 engine of 5 liters.  It was able to make 300 PS and it had an option of 6-speed manual or 4 speed automatic gearbox. 

850Ci was a new model for an 850i and it was not clear when the change took place but it is believed that the C meant to stand for coupe model.The new car used 5.4 liters while the compression ratio continued and the power rose to reach up to 326PS.  

850CSi is a top range of the series and it has a prototype of being an M8. It was tuned in a significant way and the BMW decided to give it a new code which was a S70B56. Such modifications lead to a better ability from a 5.6liter engine capable of 380 PS. The model has a modified suspension and it included EDC or electronic damper control, reduced ride height and stiffer springs. Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body. This model has wider wheels and forged alloys were included in their options. The rear and front bumpers had been reshaped in order to improve the aerodynamic performance. As well as the sedan model Alpina.

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The BMW 8 Series. E31. from Drivuz on Vimeo.