Availability of the BMW 5 Series in Cyprus

There is something about German cars that we just cannot get enough of right? The satisfaction one gets being behind the wheel of one, and the thrill, oh and the prestige is also nice. BMW is one such prestigious car and this being due to the fact that its makers consistently produce top notch models, with all a driver looks for in a car and more. And now the superb 5 Series of BMW is available in Nicosia and countrywide as well.

Yes the BMW 5 Series is now available in Cyprus. Yes you can purchase one of these classy cars at the most affordable price no less within the country. As the number one dealer for used cars in Cyprus, we have made this happen. And you’ll find that our BMW 5 Series will have the least mileage around for a used car so it’s is value for money all round. The best parameters of the car in the commercial video.

What’s more this car was built for Cyprus. With its specifications, it’s perfect for our roads as well as climate and culture. Firstly, the car is a step up from previous versions. The engine power has not been compromised. The 2015 model packs a whooping 240 hp. Also, it has an 8-Speed Automatic Transmission. That’s right, 8 gears. However it most available model is the Sedan. It builds upon the fuel saving technology of previous models. It also scores top marks on comfort and safety, and as such, travelling within the country’s cities and towns is that much safer, comfortable and worthwhile. This is a car that will combine the high end executive needs of a corporate executive in Nicosia, but still have enough of a sporty look for a cruise down the beaches in Larnaka or Paphos. Clearly, this is a car for all seasons, ages, intentions, cities, towns and surroundings. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

With the quality of cars BMW has produced over the years, and their suitability to Cyprus it’s no wonder the automobile maker continues to enjoy dominance in the local cars market. But having produced their first vehicle in 1916, it’s no wonder they continue to be market leaders. 

And now you have a chance to own one of this top notch machines without the hustles and rigorous procedures of importation. We have made it easier by being a dealer of used cars in Cyprus. To this end if you are in need of a car, a BMW 5 Series, you are in luck. We are here to help you find the perfect car, and at the most reasonable cost. All tests in the vehicle crash test. You may also be an interesting model BMW 6 Series.

So, as far as cars go, if this is your dream car, or you are just looking for an upgrade, we are the right people to talk to and find you one. Visit us or contact us. 

We’ll find you the perfect used BMW 5 Series.

New BMW 5 Series Test Drive & Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.