Where to get the BMW 3 Series in Cyprus

When it comes to Automobiles, German machines are forever being praised various aspects in this here industry. The BMW range of Cars is one such brand and adjectives mostly in their superlative form often accompany the mention of these cars. The BMW 3 series is a sporty car as much as it is an executive car. Taking the mantle from its predecessor, the BMW 2 series and other older generations the car lives up to its name as a classy ride with its sleek design, Attention to detail and it’s high power engines which are mighty efficient as well. All the beauty of the car in the commercial video.

And for you out there seeking to get yourself one of these beautiful machines anywhere in Cyprus, this is the place. We have the best cars around and for the BMW 3 Series, Be it the Sedan, Touring or Gran Turismo, look no further. Oh and with our unrivaled prices as well, we’ll surely have you smiling all the way. More information about this car in the video review.

Amongst the car’s most remarkable features is that it comes with a horse power of 180 – 320 hp. That’s a lot of power under the trunk wouldn’t you agree? To this as well add a fuel tank capacity of either 15 or 15.8 gallons the preferred juice being Diesel. One can also choose between Automatic or Manual transmission types. All this packed in a sleek design that will sure have pedestrians turning their heads as you drive by any of the roads in Cyprus be it in the capital, to the coast cities of Larnaka Paphos or Limassol or any of the adjacent towns and villages, this BMW will do you good.

The BMW over the years has maintained its status as one of the most in demand cars in Cyprus. This has been aided by the all-round excellent mechanics that is involved in the production of these cars, from the design to performance. With the competitors they level up against Mercedes and Audi being good examples we would expect no less. So for that sports car you have been craving with a convertible roof for the summertime, or that more executive machine you seek to accompany you to your high level meetings. This is the perfect ride. You can compare the car's parameters to compare with the model BMW 4 Series and choose for themselves an interesting option.

And if you are planning to get yourself one of these toys, look no further. We are the biggest suppliers of Used Cars this side of the Mediterranean. If you seek to purchase a used BMW, let us help you make the right choice to suit your needs perfectly. This we shall do by discussing the specific features of the model and comparing with your tastes and budget. But don’t worry, our prices are most affordable and absolute steals compared to other dealers. The strength of the car body look in the crash test.

All in all, for a sleek car, with superior performance, an attractive interior that’s also full of comfort, and that’s friendly to the pocket as well in terms of fuel costs. The BMW 3 Series ticks all these boxes. If you are in the market for this car then congratulations as your search has brought you to the right place.

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2016 BMW 3 Series Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.