Bentley Bentayga had already been spotted in the market without any disguise on it. The new SUV is a luxury brand and it has already passed within the last stage of its development while it is being tested to be sold as the 2016 model. The car is going to have a sportier look compared to the old concept and it is going to look more like Porsche’s Cayenne. This suggests that the SUVs are going to share the platform and it will have the proportions that look the same. The interior of the car have technology features and latest controls. There is a rotary control that it is common with the SUV 4x4 system. The car has a head up display with the look on a digital instrument cluster which shows the information about the maps with the views on external cameras used for the night-vision. The car has clear wide angle with the glossy centre console together with the gear shifter with cup holders. More details in the video review.

The name Bentayga was given since it is expected that the car is going to do better compared to other cars. It is the combination of the outstanding performance with the automotive luxury which will take the experience of the Bentley to all the customers. The car is going to encapsulate different terrains and climates since Roque Bentayga is the rugged peak in Canary Islands. Commercial video describes the beauty of this model in more detail.

The Bentley Bentayga is fitted with the 6.0 liter with W12 engine from continental GT while the engine of a twin turbo V8 with 4-liter engine may also appear soon.  The information about the Bentley Bentayga available shows that the car is going to have the sculpted shape in the classic flying B. The off-road ability of the car will also be based on the 12-cylinder exhaust. The exterior is also expected to have stylized alloy wheels with new rear and flanks meant to combine the distinctive and contemporary design. All tests in the vehicle crash test.

The Bentley Bentayga is not going to be only the first SUV of 4x4 of Bentley but it is also going to be a first model found with the petrol-electric power train.  The car is expected to break many new areas in the amount of fronts it will have. The car may also have a diesel engine as option. This car had not been released officially and the information available is from its teaser. However, the car is expected to be successful, exclusive and powerful when it will be released in the market. Also brand Bentley has other luxury and high-quality cars. For example model Bentley Continental.

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2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV Tech & Design REVIEW from Drivuz on Vimeo.